MSC Video/Image Contest 2018

Deadline for Submission: June 21st 2018

Post the flyer in your lab.


  • The contest is free and open to all graduate students in Canada, including international students studying at a Canadian university.
  • All types of light and electron microscopes are permissible equipment to be used in capturing photos and videos for this contest.
  • Pseudo-coloured or other computer-enhanced images are eligible as long as the manipulation is done to highlight the key aspects of the photo/video.
  • Image content should be one single image and not a collage of multiple images.
  • All images/videos must be completely original and the sole work of the participant(s).
  • Group entries are welcome; however, maximum three authors are allowed. If a group submission wins a prize, the first author listed would be considered as the recipient. It is up to the individual to distribute the prize to the group.
  • Submissions must not have previously earned any award or honourable mention in any other commercially sponsored competition; however, images recently published in a peer-reviewed journal may remain eligible for the competition if they were published within the past two years. Students are responsible to determine if those images can be used based on the publisher’s copyright guidelines.

Video/Image Submission

  • Each student may submit up to three entries in total.
  • Image and video files should be submitted by email to: with the subject line “MSC Microscopy Contest”.
  • No text should be included on the images/videos when submitted. Supplemental information describing the image/video should be written as explained in this section.
  • Videos must be maximum 30 sec with no text (only scale bars are acceptable).
  • Submissions are grouped into two main categories of 1. Biological and 2. Non-Biological research using any of the microscopy techniques based on light or electron microscopy.
  • When uploading the images/videos (TIFF format), name the files using your full name, entry number, and the category (biological or non-biological). For example, if you enter 3 images, you would name the files as follows: “(Name)-1 Bio,” “(Name)-2 Non-Bio,” and “(Name)-3 Bio.”
  • Write a short description about the video/image (maximum 250 words). It is highly encouraged to include information about the microscope that was used for image/video collection and a brief summary of what the image/video depicts. Descriptions may be vague if desired to protect data.
  • Write a short caption for your videos/images. Captions must be unique to each video/image and they must not include your names. Captions may not exceed 45 characters including spaces.
  • Inquiries regarding submissions should be directed to


  • A panel of microscopy experts will be asked to rank the top three images and the top three videos from each of the biological and non-biological categories (6 in total).
  • The name of the students and their affiliated organizations will not be provided to the judging panel.
  • The judging panel will assign each submission a score between 1 and 20 points based on scientific significance, originality, and artistic and/or visual impact.
  • Only one photo/video per entrant may be selected to be a prize winner. If more than one image/video is chosen from the same student/group, the one with the highest score will be chosen and the other(s) will be named honorable mention.
  • The submissions with the three highest scores in each of the two biological and non-biological categories will be the winners of the contest, being awarded the first, second, and third place prizes.
  • Judging for finalists will be completed within two months after receiving all submissions.


  • In total there will be 6 prizes for the two categories of biological and non-biological (3 prizes for videos and 3 prizes for images): 1st prize $500, 2nd prize $300, 3rd prize $200 for videos and images.
  • Contest winners who are planning to attend the MSC & M&M joint meeting (Baltimore, Aug 5-9 2018) may pick up their prize in person at the M&M Conference; otherwise they may choose to receive their prize by mail.
  • The winners and their images/videos will be posted on MSC website and Facebook page, as well as the MSC newsletter.