Job Opportunities

Lab Research Project Coordinator

Nanoscale Biomedical Imaging Facility
Hospital for Sick Children's Research Institute

An opening is available in the Nanoscale Biomedical Imaging Facility for a microscopist.

The facility is a joint venture between the Hospital for Sick Children<s Research Institute and the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Institute at Mt. Sinai Hospital. The facility currently includes two TEMs (a FEI T20 and CM100) and an SEM (FEI XL30). An associated node of the facility (on the same floor) maintains a G3 Titan Krios microscope for high-throughput high-resolution cryo-EM while another laboratory has a FEI TF20/K2 that is housed within the facility. Funding is already in place to purchase a FIB SEM and SBF SEM.

We are seeking a microscopist to assist with TEM and SEM, primarily for the cell biology community at the two Research Institutes and elsewhere in Toronto.

More information about the position can be found here. Please look for Job 8789.