Impact Award

Impact Award

The objective of the Impact Award is to recognize a substantial impact to the microscopy community by a student or postdoctoral fellow through the publication of scientific work.


Eligibility: Student, postdoctoral fellow, technician or research associate  who has published a first-author academic paper deemed to have a large impact on the microscopy community in Canada and the field at large.


Evaluation Criteria: Based on the impact, scientific content, innovation/originality of published work in the past year.


Frequency: Twice per year.  One to a paper in the Material Sciences and one to a publication in the Biological Sciences.  


Recipient will receive: $250 from the MSC/SMC + certificate.


Nomination Process: Candidates can be nominated by any member of the MSC/SMC or by self-nomination. The nominators will be asked to submit a short supporting statement (~250 words) explaining why the proposed publication should receive the award. Nominees must submit a letter of support from their direct supervisor. Nominations will be submitted through the MSC/SMC website.

 Above it is stated that the award is for students and post-docs, we should harmonize the description.

 This should be amended to once per year with two awards conferred.

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