Scholarships & Awards

With a student-centred focus, the MSC-SMC is dedicated to giving back to its student and postdoctoral members through engaging events and opportunities for its trainees. To this end, MSC-SMC is committed to investing in new resources and providing continued support to our trainee members 

In addition to new investments in trainee members through MSC-SMC Student Chapters, several awards are currently available for trainees. This includes a new Student Leadership Award to recognize student engagement and leadership in the microscopy field and particularly within the MSC-SMC organization through for example events and student chapters. More details can be found on our MSC-SMC Awards page.

Awards aimed towards our trainees include: 

  • Student Leadership Award: The objective of the Student Leadership Award is to recognize student engagement and leadership in the microscopy field and particularly within MSC-SMC organization, events, and student chapters. 

  • Impact Award: The objective of the Impact Award is to recognize a substantial impact to the microscopy community by a student, postdoctoral fellow, technician or research associate through the publication of scientific work. 

  • CFDM Awards: The Canadian Foundation for the Development of Microscopy (CFDM) is a charitable organization whose aim is to promote the development of microscopy and associated techniques. Part of its mandate is to provide funds for educational opportunities for young scientists. CFDM is offering awards to assist with the travel expenses of Canadian university students to participate in the national and international conferences and workshops. Each year, CFDM holds spring and fall competitions, with the spring competition giving priority to applicants attending the annual meeting of the Microscopical Society of Canada. 

  • Gérard T. Simon Award: The MSC is proud to present awards to the best junior scientists. These awards are made on the basis of the scientific quality and the quality of the presentation (oral communication or poster) made at the MSC-SMC Annual Meeting. 

As other awards within and outside of MSC-SMC aimed toward trainees within the microscopy field are brought to our attention, we will update this page to include additional opportunities.  

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