Student Memberships

Why join the MSC-SMC? 

Do you use microscopy as a research tool? Do you use microscopes for your work or hobby? Do you develop microscopy?  If so, you’re welcome to join us and contribute to the development of our society! 

Becoming a member of the MSC-SMC is a unique opportunity to be part of a group of scientists, technicians and students that are passionate about microscopy. At the MSC-SMC, we connect microscopists from all over Canada to share our discoveries.  

We welcome new members from all areas of scientific research and application that use microscopy as one of their methods. We look forward to sharing the new perspectives they bring to the Society.  

Notably, students and Post-Doctoral Fellows become members for free when their supervisors are also members. 

Student Membership benefits include: 

  • Scholarships, contests & awards for students in the field of microscopy, more information on our Awards page

  • Joining a regional MSC-SMC Student Chapter to network with other local trainees and participate in local microscopy events 

  • Reduced registration fees for the Annual Meeting of the MSC-SMC. 

  • Numerous professional development opportunities for junior scientists and the potential for greater involvement with the MSC-SMC Society 

  • Networking opportunities. 

  • Subscription to the Society email list which provides information about the conferences and activities of the Society. 

  • And much more! 

Become a member of the MSC-SMC Society today! 

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