About MSC-SMC Student Chapters

With a student-centred focus, MSC-SMC strives to give back to its student and postdoctoral members through engaging events and opportunities for its trainees. To this end, MSC-SMC is committed to investing in new resources and providing continued support to our trainee members. Thus, the MSC Student Chapter initiative was formally started in 2022 to promote the growth of our future microscopists, give back to our trainee members, and provide students and post-doctoral researchers an engaging community with opportunities for personal growth, leadership and professional development, networking events, and mentorship.  The goal of the MSC-SMC Student Chapter Initiative is to stimulate continued interest in the field of microscopy through engaging student-centred initiatives and to promote the growth and development of trainees within the MSC community.  

MSC-SMC Student Chapters are run by students for students. As a MSC-SMC Student Chapter, your team will be provided continued support by the MSC-SMC Executive Council and Councillors at large. To support ongoing activities, your chapter will be eligible for a start-up fund of $1000 within your first year and subsequent yearly support of a maximum of $1000 upon the submission of a yearly update form. As a MSC-SMC Student Chapter, you represent a portion of the student and postdoctoral MSC-SMC community and are vital to the continued success and future of the MSC-SMC.  

MSC-SMC Student Chapters provide valuable opportunities to students, with some benefits to participation including:  

  • Events geared for students and post-doctoral researchers such as research and career talks & panels as well as mentorship activities 

  • Student-centred microscopy workshops for trainees for knowledge development and/or present work in progress 

  • Forum to meet with peers and discuss relevant topics within the microscopy community  

  • Participate in pan-Canada student networking opportunities and socials with other chapters 

  • Leadership and communication development activities 

  • Scholarships, contests & awards for students in the field of microscopy 

  • Direct access to resources through the MSC-SMC – where membership is free if your supervisor is also an MSC-SMC member! 

  • And much more!  

Interested in getting involved? Please follow up with either your local MSC-SMC Student Chapter or see the MSC-SMC Student Chapter Resource page for more details on how to start a local MSC-SMC Student Chapter in Canada as well as the expectations and requirements. 

For assistance from the MSC-SMC or questions about the MSC-SMC Student Chapters, please contact the MSC-SMC student email MSC.SMC.Students@gmail.com and cc’ the current MSC-SMC Student Representative by email (currently served by Caleb Whittier, whittiec@mcmaster.ca).  

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