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Why join the MSC-SMC?

Becoming a member of the MSC-SMC is a unique opportunity to be part of a group of scientists, technicians and students that are passionate about microscopy. At the MSC-SMC, we connect microscopists from all over Canada to share our discoveries. 

We welcome new members from all areas of scientific research and application that use microscopy as one of their methods. We look forward to sharing the new perspectives they bring to the Society. Graduate students and Post-Doctoral Fellows become members for free when their supervisors become members.

In addition to one-year memberships, five-year memberships are also available.

Connect to the largest Canadian community of electron and optical microscopy users.

Advertise new products and techniques.

Get to know users and their feedback.


The MSC-SMC offers 7 types of membership:

Associate: Employees of corporations that are members of the society.

Corporate: Vendors, companies, etc.

Honorary: Recipients of the Frances Doane Award.

Library: Organizations receiving the Bulletin.

Ordinary: Regular memberships.

Student: Each student is related to an Ordinary membership belonging to a professor.

Retired: Retired from active working life.



Ordinary Member 1 year$40
Ordinary Member 5 years$200
Retired Member 1 year$28
Retired Member 5 years$140
Corporate Member 1 year$195
Corporate Member 5 years$975
Student Member (if supervisor is member of the MSC)free
Student Member (independent membership)$15

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“One of the major attractions for me were the people. I made many very good friends over the years and not attending meetings regularly is one of my major regrets in life”

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