The idea of the Microscopy Society of Canada was born after a group of more than 25 Canadian microscopists attended the 7th International Congress on Electron Microscopy in Grenoble. They expressed their frustration over the fact that they could not be represented officially at the meeting of the General Assembly because they lacked a national microscopy organization.

Back from the congress, a group of 7 scientists met in Ontario to establish the first steps to founding the society. It was decided that the new society should encompass all aspects of microscopy, not just electron microscopy. The constitution and by-laws were drawn up, officers were appointed, Letters Patent were applied for and obtained on October 16th, 1972, officially bringing the MSC/SMC to life!

The founders of the Microscopical Society of Canada had a vision. They wanted the Society to bring together all the microscopists of Canada, represent all the different fields and promote multidisciplinary approaches. They also wanted to be recognized internationally and allow voices from every field to be heard.

One year after its establishment in September 1973, the society had 236 members and six corporate members. In 2018, the membership of the Society is 350 members, including regular, corporate, retired and honorary.

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