3rd Japan-Canada Microscopy Societies Symposium 2022

November 3rd and 4th, 2022

The 3rd Canada - Japan Microscopy Societies Symposium 2022 - Advanced Electron Microscopy and its Applications will be held in Kawasaki, Japan, and in hybrid format, on Nov 3 - Nov 4, 2022 (4th and 5th in Japan). Registration is free for members of Microscopical Society of Canada and Japanese Society for Microscopy. Please kindly consider joining this event and listening to some exciting science presentations.



The meeting will be held at Kawasaki Sukenobu Memorial Lecture Hall, Located in Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare. Presentations will be accessible live on the internet (details to follow).



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Keynote speakers

Arthur Blackburn (University of Victoria, Canada)

倉田博基(京都大学)Hiroki Kurata (Kyoto University, Japan)

樋田一徳(川崎医科大学)Kazunori Toida (Kawasaki Medical School, Japan)

Michael Hendzel (University of Alberta, Canada)


More Information

The goal of the annual JSM-MSC symposium is to facilitate connections between JSM and MSC members and develop connections and scientific interactions. We aim to contribute to developing a foundation that will lead to future joint microscopy research activities. We value on in-person communication and plan to hold the symposium alternately in Japan and Canada.

The join seminar of Japanese and Canadian microscopy societies will be held as a part of the 65th Symposium of the Japanese Society of Microscopy on November 5th and 6th (Japan time). The rest of the 65th Symposium of The Japanese Society of Microscopy will be help only in-person.

Please stay tuned for conference program and updates.


For further information, visit the JSM website please contact the organizers at the Office of Japan-Canada Joint Symposium at Osaka Prefecture University gr-eng-JapanCanadaSeminar2022@omu.ac.jp

Shigeo Mori (Osaka Prefecture University, Japan),

Kazunori Toida (Kawasaki Medical School, Japan),

Ken Harada (RIKEN, Japan),

Marek Malac(NRC-NANO and University of Alberta, Canada)、

Misa Hayashida (NRC, Canada)

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