Lecture by Prof. Hiroshi Okamoto

March 5, 2024

Low-Dose Electron Microscopy: “Killer App” of Quantum Computing Prof. Hiroshi Okamoto

Department of Intelligent Mechatronics, Akita Prefectural University, Japan


1 pm – 2 pm MST, March 5, 2024 at NRC-NANO

Meeting ID: 865 8201 8405

Passcode: 877987


Despite the hype and enormous investment, quantum computing faces a challenge today: scarcity of applications. For example, post-quantum cryptography threatens the utility of even Shor’s algorithm; theoretical underpinning for quantum machine learning/optimization is shaky; and the large overhead associated with error correction tends to diminish the value of algorithms with polynomial quantum advantage [1].

Here I present a generalized form of quantum electron microscopy (QEM) [2] and argue that QEM could be a much-desired application of near-term quantum computing: First, unlike standard quantum computing, it will have a provable advantage over its classical counterpart. Second, the afforded improvement will be relevant to important problems in biology and possibly in materials science. Third and finally, a small quantum computer, or even a single qubit, would deliver significant advantage, making electron microscopy an ideal platform to develop quantum computing technologies.


Universal quantum electron microscoep at the conceptual level.


[1] R. Babbush et al., PRX Quantum 2, 010103 (2021).

[2] H. Okamoto, arXiv:2209.04819v2 [quant-ph], under review.

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