Gérard T. Simon Award - OPEN until April 30, 2024

Gérard T. Simon Award - OPEN until April 30, 2024

The MSC is proud to present awards to the best junior scientists. These awards are made on the basis of the scientific quality and the quality of the presentation (oral communication or poster) made at the MSC-SMC Annual Meeting.

Nominations Open until April 30 2024.

Eligibility: Candidates must be students registered in a Canadian university or associated with a research director that is a regular member of the Microscopical Society of Canada. Candidates may also be postdoctoral fellows or technologists up to three years after their last University degree. The abstract must be accompanied by a letter from the candidate’s supervisor attesting to the status of the individual. The candidate must be the main or sole author of the abstract.

Frequency: Up to 4 awards given annually at the MSC/SMC Annual Meeting

Recipient will receive: $250 from the MSC/SMC and certificate

Nomination Process: Candidates are required to submit their abstracts on the Annual Meeting forms found on the conference website. Candidates must indicate their intention to have the abstract submitted for the award at the time of abstract submission. The package should contain the following:

  1. Word file with separate images of the Abstract: if the abstract is published in a compendium, the author will need to obtain permission from the journal to republish it.
  2. Letter from the applicant's supervisor attesting to the applicant's student status.
  3. Portrait photo
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