CFDM Awards - OPEN until April 1, 2024

CFDM Awards - OPEN until April 1, 2024

The Canadian Foundation for the Development of Microscopy (CFDM) is a charitable organization whose aim is to promote the development of microscopy and associated techniques. Part of its mandate is to provide funds for educational opportunities for young scientists. CFDM is offering awards to assist with the travel expenses of Canadian university students to participate in the national and international conferences and workshops. Each year, CFDM holds spring and fall competitions, with the spring competition giving priority to applicants attending the annual meeting of the Microscopy Society of Canada.

The Board of the CFDM reviews submissions by students and evaluates them according to the following criteria: scientific merit, significance of the research, creativity and a letter of reference.

The application deadline for the spring competition is April 1st  except for a year when MSC meets jointly with MSA and MAS at the Microscopy & Microanalysis conference in which case an extended deadline of May 31st applies. For the fall competition, students should submit their applications by November 30th. Recipients are notified electronically and announced on the website.



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